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Welcome to Generations of Wealth, the podcast delving into effective wealth-building strategies to help you live your vision and love your life. Each episode offers much
-needed guidance in earning profits, boosting your revenue, and increasing your savings not just for yourself but for future generations.

Join investor, national speaker, and international best-selling author Derek Dombeck as he leads each conversation with valuable advice, inspiring stories, and golden nuggets of wisdom. As the show’s host,
he brings fun and lightheartedness to every episode, guiding you to build a profitable business with
out messing up your personal vision or preferred lifestyle.

Derek shares his years of expertise in the real estate market to level up your investing and lending
tactics. Having gone through hundreds of transactions as a purchaser and thousands of deals as a lender, he offers insights into creative deal structuring, wholesaling, flipping, and landlording – everything to put your money to work. You can expect only the best investment techniques from Derek to navigate the current market smoothly, especially when rates are fluctuating or unpredictable.

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Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on entrepreneurship, investing, and strategic management that transcend generations.

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